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The Filter Spray Adhesive is available in an 14 fluid oz. can and uses less than ½ oz. spray per square foot of filter media. The Spray extends the mechanical impingement of all type of air filters. Available also in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums. This product has SDS sheets available and is water soluble. Click here to view SDS sheet.

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Grease Filter Removal Tool

The Grease Filter Removal Tool is designed to make removal of your grease filter easy and cleaner. Made with heavy Galvanized Steel, this tool is approximately four feet long and allows for ease and cleanliness when maneuvering grease filters in and out of hoods. The tool handles the hot, greasy filter, therefore preventing burns and dirty hands. Good for Hood Cleaning companies as well as commercial kitchens who take care of grease filters.

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Three types of Handles are available. Bail Handles, Lock Type Handles, and Rigid Handles can be purchased separately or installed on your filter. When having installed, please indicate desired location on your filters frame. Clips are available in galvanized steel. Ludwig Clips are flat on the filter frame, and P-Clips are available in lengths between 1” to 6” and a 12” clip is also available.12” Spring Type clips as well as 2” and 4” pre-clips are also available.

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