Three types of Handles are available. Bail Handles, Lock Type Handles, and Rigid Handles can be purchased separately or installed on your filter. When having installed, please indicate desired location on your filters frame. Clips are available in galvanized steel. Ludwig Clips are flat on the filter frame, and P-Clips are available in lengths between 1” to 6” and a 12” clip is also available.12” Spring Type clips as well as 2” and 4” pre-clips are also available.

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Bail Handle

The Smith Bail Handle is manufactured with heavy Galvanized Steel wire. The Handle is shaped into an oval that can either be laid flat against the filter or pulled out so it can be easily grasped when holding the filter. The Bail Handle is attached to the filter with rivets.

Also available are Stainless Steel Bail Handles to be used on the Stainless Steel Baffle and Mesh filters. Because of the toxic chemicals and high temperatures the Stainless Steel filters encounter, it is important that the handles are made of the same Stainless Steel material. This will ensure long life with both the filter and the handle. All Smith handles are installed upon request. Handles available loose if needed.


Rigid Handle

Made from heavy Galvanized Steel, the Smith Rigid Handles are designed for use on most Smith Permanent Filters. Some applications call for handles to be at the end of a filter to allow the filter to slide in and out of a drawer unit easily. Other applications call for a handle mounted on the front of the filter allowing easy removal and replacement of a filter. This is very common on Grease baffle filters where grease can easily build up, making removal difficult. With a Smith Rigid Handle positioned so it is easily reached on the filter, the maintenance person can firmly grab and loosen the filter from the grease buildup and simply pick up the filter with two hands.


Lock Type Handle

These handles are designed for stabilizing the filter more than ease of removal. The Lock-Type Handles are made from heavy Galvanized Steel Wire, designed to turn when the filter is in place, securing the filter to the hood. The Lock-Type Handle is attached to the frame of the filter with a rod that runs the depth of the filter. The half circle handle turns with the help of a spring inside. A lever is also turned, securing the filter to the hood, preventing vibration and eliminating the filter from being pulled into the hood. As with all Smith Filter Handles, these handles are sold in pairs. Because of the high risk of damage to other filters during shipping, the filter will have the hole drilled for the installation of Lock-Type Handles, but field installation is required.

Stock #Stock Size (Actual Size 1/2″ Under)Pack Ctn / Lbs. Ctn
Ludwig Clips (Galv.)
Bail handles riveted/installed – stock #HBGI
not installed (#LCG)
Rigid handles installed – stock #HRGI
installed (#LCGI)Stainless Steel Bail handles
Ludwig Clips (Stainless)not installed – stock # HBS
not installed (#LCS)installed – stock #HBSI
installed (#LCSI)
1”, 3” and 4” Clips (Galv.) installed(#LCG1I – 1”, LCG3I – 3”, LCG4I – 4”)
P-CLIPS (Each)
not installed (field install only)
1” P-Clips (PCG1)
2” P-Clips (PCG2)
3’ P-Clips (PCG3)
4” P-Clips (PCG4)
5” P-Clips (PCG5)
6” P-Clips (PCG6)
12” P-Clips (PCG12)
stock #HBGstock # HLTGstock #HRG
2” Pre-Filter Clip (PFC2)
4” Pre-Filter Clip (PFC4)
12” Spring Type Clips (STC12)
NS-50 Seals installed (NS50SI)

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