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The Polyester Media is available in both dry and tackified types. This media is comprised of high loft balls of polyester fibers, bonded together with a fire retardant, heat sealable resin to form a highly uniform, resilient, workable yet soft blanket of air filter media. Designed to be used in collecting dust and dirt, either as a pre-filter or main filter. Available in ½”, 1” and 2” media.


The Fiberglass media is available in both pads and rolls. The media is made of 100% continuous filaments of spun glass, bonded with a thermosetting resin. It is assured deep dirt penetration and high dirt-holding capacity because the filaments are electronically programmed to form effect high loft, and gradual density patterns. A sturdy lamented backing is on the downstream side. Available in bulk rolls, 85’ and 200’ in length and service rolls, 25’ in length. Also available in stock and special sized pads.


The Expanded Media comes in three types of metals: Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless Steel. Manufactured with an expander, the media is available in flat stock, corrugated 1/8”, 1/4“, 3/8” and 5/8” thicknesses. Available in both pads and rolls.


Foam pads and rolls are available in multiple thicknesses and sizes. Pads are available in both rectangular and circular form. Full roll and partial rolls available. With low resistance to air flow and high particle collection capabilities, this media is very versatile. Designed to be used alone and in a pad holding frame application. This non-allergenic, nontoxic material is resistant to most solvent and safe to handle.


Hog Hair is a washable filter media, manufactured from a select blend of many fine interconnected natural fibers, spun into a high loft, depth loading, fiber maze. The fibers are fully bonded together and firmly locked upon a rigid scrim net backing. This material is used in Swamp Coolers and Paint Booths as well as other filter applications. This material is available in ½”, 1” and 2” depths.


The Poly Flo Media is a rigid pad, made from a 100% polyester construction. These fibers are unaffected by moisture, and are safe to handle. The media has a bidirectional air flow and it has 80-90% dust retention. The Poly Flo is 1” thick and is easily cleaned with water. Available in both stock and special sized pads, and 36’ rolls.


The Charcoal media is made of nonwoven polyester, impregnated with finely ground activated carbon. This filter is ideal for use in non-vented applications such as range hoods, air cleaners, room air-conditioners, and bath fans. Available in ¼” thickness, it can be found in pads and 75’ rolls.


The Self Supporting Panels are a non-woven polyester bonded with fire retardant resin. The media is relatively open at air entry side and becomes progressively denser, allowing for uniform accumulation of contaminants. The welded steel frame has a center support bar to give additional rigidity. The frame is heat sealed over the entire perimeter and center support bar, giving the maximum rigidity in the airflow. The filter is designed to create a built-in gasket system which eliminated air bypass. This also allows for the maximum surface to be exposed to the air stream. Available in 2 ply and 3 ply pads and links.


The Perm-A-Foam media is made with 1/8” Scottfoam, corrugated between two layers of expanded aluminum. This patented, air filter media is a simple and economical way of filtering out dust and dirt in any furnace or air handling unit. Easy to clean, the Perm-A-Foam provides 40% more filtering surface than most conventional permanent filters. Pads are self-supporting in many applications. Available in pads and rolls, corrugated to either ½” or 1”.


The Bonded “A” (Aluminum) material consists of multiple layers of aluminum silted material, expanded into mesh of differing densities with hundreds of small baffles on the surface. The number of layers and densities of the Bonded “A” depends on the thickness of the material. Available in both ¼” and 5/8” depths, both in full 50’ rolls and pads.


This media comes in bulk media or 3-Ply Poly Panels. Made of polyester with a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This media has great depth-loading capabilities which extend its service life. Moisture Resistant and recommended final resistance of 1.0 w.g.


The Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Material soaks up overspray and other airborne solids from back to front like a sponge. This virtually eliminates face loading and clogging. This high loft fiberglass media is relatively open at the face, and becomes progressively denser toward the back. Scientifically spun media will closely integrate fibers on the air leaving side, providing maximum rigidity and resilience in the air stream. Material is 2 1/2” thick and available in both pads and rolls.


The Paper Paint Arrestor material is made from Kraft Paper, which has been expanded and sewn into a multilayer pad. The Kraft paper is fibrous, tough, and treated to be fire retardant. The layers of the pad are arranged to maximize contact between overspray particles and the baffles within the collector. The front or upstream filter pad is replaced when it becomes overloaded with overspray solids. The rear or downstream pad is left in place until it shows signs of loading. Also available in “Supra” which is a multi-layered media which has a 99.5% efficiency on “high solids”. Both Paper Paint arrestors are available in pad form only.