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The Fiberglass Air Filter is made of fiberglass material, designed with small continuous fibers to allow for the greatest dust holding capacity. An adhesive is applied to prevent fiber migration into the air ducts. The pad is enclosed in a chipboard frame. Available in both stock and special sizes. Special bottle-capping is available upon request (You can add 1 layer or bottle cap on both sides).

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Foam Filter

This filter is designed to filter out small dust particles in computers and other electronic equipment. It can also be used in machinery application vents, air cleaners and other uses where a permanent filter is advantageous.  This filter is designed for years of use.

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The NS-100 Filter Holding Frame is a 16 gauge Galvanized Steel Holding Frame. The NS-100 includes a pair of Ludwig Clips and a foam gasket. Designed to hold many different filters, these can be used individually or in a filter bank. With the unique interlocking lip construction, filters are easily joined together to construct a solid, sturdy filter bank. Bolts can be inserted through the existing holes to secure the bank. Multiple brackets and specialty clips are also available with the NS-100 Filter Holding Frame. Available in both stock and special sizes.

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The Polyester Media is available in both dry and tackified types. This media is comprised of high loft balls of polyester fibers, bonded together with a fire retardant, heat sealable resin to form a highly uniform, resilient, workable yet soft blanket of air filter media. Designed to be used in collecting dust and dirt, either as a pre-filter or main filter. Available in ½”, 1” and 2” media.

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The Rigid Cell Filter is an extended surface medium and high efficiency rigid air filter. These are available in Merv 14, Merv 13, Merv 11 and Merv 9 in both synthetic and fiberglass. The filter media consists of high quality synthetic media, which forms a lofted filter blanket. This blanket is laminated to a high strength, reinforced backing. The media is then continuously bonded to an expanded metal support grid and is shaped into a wedge design, assuring maximum utilization of the filter media. The pleated filter media is reinforced and stabilized through the use of pleat spacers. The pad is enclosed in a corrosion resistant galvanized steel frame or a heavy plastic frame, depending upon the application. Headers are available upon request. This filter has been engineered to provide high efficiency filtration combined with prolonged life cycles. It is an ideal choice for variable air volume systems. Available in 6” and 12” depths.

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The ASHRAE Filter is a HEPA type filter, available in Merv 14, Merv 13 and Merv 11. The filter is constructed of high strength, water resistant, glass micro-fiber paper in a pleated design. A corrugated aluminum separator is placed between each pleat, to prevent the pleats from touching. The media pack is installed into a heavy 24 ga. galvanized steel enclosure frame. A sealant is then applied to provide a positive seal between the media and the frame. The ASHRAE filter provides high efficiency filtration where clean air environment is a necessity. This includes, hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, food and beverage processing plants, and other applications that require high efficiency without needing the DOP rating. Available in 6” and 12” depths, 12 x 24 and 24 x 24 in each Merv rating. Headers available upon request.

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The Fiberglass media is available in both pads and rolls. The media is made of 100% continuous filaments of spun glass, bonded with a thermosetting resin. It is assured deep dirt penetration and high dirt-holding capacity because the filaments are electronically programmed to form effect high loft, and gradual density patterns. A sturdy lamented backing is on the downstream side. Available in bulk rolls, 85’ and 200’ in length and service rolls, 25’ in length. Also available in stock and special sized pads.

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A unique, roll formed baffle filter designed to prevent flames from penetration through the filter into the grease hood and ductwork. UL approved for grease. The SMITH FIRE PATROL “A” is made from heavy commercial Aluminum on both the baffles and the frame. Maximum temperature is 250 degrees F.

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Galvanized Steel Mist Eliminator Filter

A combination of both mesh and screen wire enclosed in a heavy metal frame. Available in Aluminum, Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel, this filter is designed to remove oil mist and water droplets from the air.

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Heavy Duty Filter

Multiple layers of expanded Aluminum, enclosed in a heavy weight Aluminum frame. A rugged air filter designed for the tough jobs that require a heavy, long lasting Aluminum filter. They can also be used as pre filters, which would remove large particles that easily clog a filter. Pre filters keep the main filter lasting longer and the unit running more smoothly.

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The NS – 50 Filter Holding Frame is a flat sided 16 gauge Galvanized Steel Holding Frame. The frame is pre-punched for bolt assembly or welding assembly. Made for single use or smaller filter banks. Ludwig Clips and foam gaskets are extra with the NS-50. Multiple brackets and specialty clips are also available with the NS-50 Filter Holding Frame. Available in both stock and special sizes.

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The Polyester Air Filter is made from high quality polyester media. The pad is surrounded by a chipboard frame. The media is produced using specially developed polyester fiber, bonded together to form an interlocking pattern of tiny lint and dust traps. Available in both stock and special sizes. Special bottle-capping is available upon request (You can add 1 layer or bottle cap on both sides).
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Stainless Steel Mist Eliminator Filter

The Smith Mist Eliminators are designed for use in air handling systems requiring the collection of oil mist or water droplets. Holes in the frame allow for proper drainage. Oil mist can be found in production machines, cooling coils and humidifiers.

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Smith HEPA filters are designed to meet the highest level of filtration needed in application such as: pharmaceutical, hospital, electronic component manufacturing, aerospace, food processing and all facilities that must have HEPA filtration.

All HEPA filters are manufactured to Federal Mil Spec 282 and UL 586. They are tested and scanned
on .03 micron, in accordance with IEST-RP-CC034.1. Each filter is inspected, tested and scanned before it
leaves the lab.

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Mech 8

The Mech 8 is the highest-rated mechanical washable filter available. It has been independently tested at a MERV 8. The pressure drop was rated at .14” w.g. at 1180 cfm. What separates this filter from the competition is after being washed multiple times it still retains its MERV 8 rating and uses mechanical filtration instead of electrostatic.


  • Washable and reusable MERV 8
  • 99.99% inactivation of SARSCoV-2 (COVID 19) viral particles
  • Proven post wash MERV 8 ratings
  • Low resistance (0.14″ w.g.)
  • Antimicrobial
  • Mechanical filtration
  • Depth loading
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The MINI PLEAT Filter is a HEPA type filter, available in MERV 15, MERV 14, MERV 13 and MERV 11 efficiencies. Made with special media, designed to capture both large and small particles with minimum airflow restriction. Tightly pleated, this media has 5 times the surface area as the regular pleated filter. The increased surface area means better filtering capabilities and longer filter life. Designed for use in hospitals, air purifiers and computer clean rooms.

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