The Polyester Media is available in both dry and tackified types. This media is comprised of high loft balls of polyester fibers, bonded together with a fire retardant, heat sealable resin to form a highly uniform, resilient, workable yet soft blanket of air filter media. Designed to be used in collecting dust and dirt, either as a pre-filter or main filter. Available in ½”, 1” and 2” media.

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SP50D: A moderately efficient 1/2″ thick, white, dry media recommended for use in upgrading 1″ glass applications.

SP100D: A highly efficient 1″ thick, white, dry media recommended for use in upgrading 2″ glass applications but where tackified is not desired.

SP200D: A highly efficient 2″ thick, white, dry media recommended where extra depth loading is required.

SP50BT: A moderately efficient 1/2″ thick blue and white tackified media for upgrading 1/2″ fiberglass or dry polyester applications. The impregnated adhesive is nonmigratory.

SP100BT: A highly efficient 1″ blue and white tackified media, recommended for use in upgrading 2″ glass. This prevents downstream unloading.

SP200BT: A 2″ thick pad, made from a combination of dry and tackified polyester.

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Stock #Stock Size (Actual Size 1/2″ Under)Pack Ctn / Lbs. Ctn
Dry Polyester Pads
SIZEStock # SP50DStock # SP100DStock # SP200D
16 x 20SP50D1620.5SP100D16201SP200D16202
16 x 25SP50D1625.5SP100D16251SP200D16252
20 x 20SP50D2020.5SP100D20201SP200D20202
20 x 25SP50D2025.5SP100D20251SP200D20252
24 x 24SP50D2424.5SP100D24241SP200D24242
Tackified Polyester Pads
SIZEStock # SP50BTStock # SP100BTStock # SP200BT
16 x 20SP50BT1620.5SP100BT16201SP200BT16202
16 x 25SP50BT1625.5SP100BT16251SP200BT16252
20 x 20SP50BT2020.5SP100BT20201SP200BT20202
20 x 25SP50BT2025.5SP100BT20251SP200BT20252
24 x 24SP50BT2424.5SP100BT24241SP200BT24242
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