The NS – 50 Filter Holding Frame is a flat sided 16 gauge Galvanized Steel Holding Frame. The frame is pre-punched for bolt assembly or welding assembly. Made for single use or smaller filter banks. Ludwig Clips and foam gaskets are extra with the NS-50. Multiple brackets and specialty clips are also available with the NS-50 Filter Holding Frame. Available in both stock and special sizes.

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The NS 50 FILTER HOLDING FRAME is the economical version of the NS-100. This Holding Frame is designed for small banks and individual uses where a straight-sided holding frame is required. Made with heavy 16 gauge Galvanized Steel, these frames are pre-punched for easy bolt assembly. If necessary, frames can be welded together for a more permanent bank. The foam gasket and clips are not included in the price of the NS-50 but can be installed upon request.

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NS-50 Holding Frame Stock Sizes are made to order. Minimum 6″ – Maximum 60″ (both directions)
Stock Size (Actual Size 1/2″ Under)STOCK
Pack Ctn/
Lbs. Ctn
16 x 20 x 2 1/8NS5016202E12
/47 lbs.
16 x 25 x 2 1/8NS5016252E12
/57 lbs.
20 x 20 x 2 1/8NS5020202E12
/57 lbs.
20 x 24 x 2 1/8NS5020242E12
/63 lbs.
20 x 25 x 2 1/8NS5020252E12
/63 lbs.
24 x 24 x 2 1/8NS5024242E12
/67 lbs.
12 x 24 x 2 1/8NS5012242E12
/41 lbs.

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