This media comes in bulk media or 3-Ply Poly Panels. Made of polyester with a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This media has great depth-loading capabilities which extend its service life. Moisture Resistant and recommended final resistance of 1.0 w.g.

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The 1″ thick media has exceptional depth-loading capabilities which extend its service life. Media is manufactured with an antimicrobial to eliminate microbial growth on the filter media. It contains a non-drying, non-migratory composite adhesive that captures and holds particulate. Bulk media is available up to 92″ wide.

Filter Media: Polyester

Initial Resistance:

  • Media 0.19″ w.g. at 295 fpm
  • Panel 0.20″ w.g. at 295 fpm

Performance: MERV 8 in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2-2012

Moisture Resistant

Recommended Final Resistance: 1.0″ w.g.

Maximum Operating Temperature: 200° F

Panels and links provide progressive depth-loading of contaminants. The 3-ply media is heat-sealed around an internal support grid. The media’s salvage edge surrounds the perimeter of the grid and seals the panel/link in place and eliminates air bypass.

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