A combination of both mesh and screen wire enclosed in a heavy metal frame. Available in Aluminum, Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel, this filter is designed to remove oil mist and water droplets from the air.

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CONSTRUCTION:The Galvanized Steel Mist Eliminator Filter is constructed of heavy galvanized steel. Made with both screen and expanded media, the pad is enclosed in a heavy galvanized steel frame, secured at one corner with heavy rivets. Holes in the frame allow for proper drainage. Designed to be used in air handling systems requiring collection of oil mist or water droplets. Oil mist can be found in production machines, cooling coils and humidifiers. Manufactured in depths from 1” to 12”. Available in both stock and special sizes.

MATERIAL: The Galvanized Mist Eliminator is made with a 24 gauge Galvanized Frame, surrounding a multi-layered pad of .0157 Galvanized expanded media and screen.

Note: All Smith Permanent stock sizes are 1/2″ under on width and height, 1/8″ under on thickness.

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Stock #Stock Size (Actual Size 1/2″ Under)
MEG10202N10 x 20 x 2
MEG12242N12 x 24 x 2
MEG16202N16 x 20 x 2
MEG16252N16 x 25 x 2
MEG20202N20 x 20 x 2
MEG20252N20 x 25 x 2
MEG24242N24 x 24 x 2

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