The Fiberglass Air Filter is made of fiberglass material, designed with small continuous fibers to allow for the greatest dust holding capacity. An adhesive is applied to prevent fiber migration into the air ducts. The pad is enclosed in a chipboard frame. Available in both stock and special sizes. Special bottle-capping is available upon request (You can add 1 layer or bottle cap on both sides).

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CONSTRUCTION: The Smith 1″ Stock Fiberglass filters are made with a Fiberglass scrim backing. This allows for safe installation and removal, plus it makes discarding of the filter safe and easy. This also allows for a tighter seal to the frame, preventing air bypass. The Monobond frame is heat sealed to the media giving it extra strength.

The Stock 2″ Fiberglass filters are made with a conventional box frame, heat sealed with bottle-capping on both sides. The media is loosely woven in the front, catching the larger particles of the dust and dirt. The media becomes denser as the media progresses until the final layer of dense fiberglass, which takes out the fine particles.

MATERIAL: The Fiberglass is progressively dense and the very small continuous fibers are engineered to give the highest filtration possible. An adhesive is applied to prevent fiber migration into the air ducts.

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Stock #Stock Size (Actual Size 1/2″ Under)Lbs. Ctn
per carton
FG8161N8 x 16 x 1512
FG10101N10 x 10 x 1512
FG10201N10 x 20 x 1812
FG10241N10 x 24 x 17.512
FG10251N10 x 25 x 17.512
FG10301N10 x 30 x 1912
FG12121N12 x 12 x 1712
FG12161N12 x 16 x 17.512
FG12201N12 x 20 x 17.512
FG12241N12 x 24 x 1812
FG12251N12 x 25 x 1812
FG14201N14 x 20 x 1812
FG14251N14 x 25 x 18.512
FG15201N15 x 20 x 1812
FG15251N15 x 25 x 11212
FG16161N16 x 16 x 1712
FG16201N16 x 20 x 1812
FG16241N16 x 24 x 19.512
FG16251N16 x 25 x 19.512
FG18201N18 x 20 x 19.512
FG18251N18 x 25 x 11012
FG20201N20 x 20 x 19.512
FG20241N20 x 24 x 11112
FG20251N20 x 25 x 11112
FG22221N22 x 22 x 11212
FG24241N24 x 24 x 11312
FG25251N25 x 25 x 11312
FG20301N20 x 30 x 11312
FG10202N10 x 20 x 2712
FG12242N12 x 24 x 21112
FG15202N15 x 20 x 21112
FG16202N16 x 20 x 21112
FG16242N16 x 24 x 21312
FG16252N16 x 25 x 21312
FG18242N18 x 24 x 21412
FG20202N20 x 20 x 21312
FG20242N20 x 24 x 21512
FG20252N20 x 25 x 21512
FG24242N24 x 24 x 21812
FG25252N25 x 25 x 21812

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