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The S-76 Pad Holding Frame is a rigid galvanized steel frame. Made with a 1 x 1 wire pad, found on the air exiting side of the frame. This allows a multiple numbers of filter media to be placed in front, completing the pad holding frame application. Three different gates are available to help hold the filter media in place. This filter is also available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel and 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel. These S-76 Pad Holding Frames are being used in spray booths, commercial units, ventilators, rooftop units, and many other applications where up to 550 FPM air velocity is present. Available in both stock and special sizes.

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The NS – 50 Filter Holding Frame is a flat sided 16 gauge Galvanized Steel Holding Frame. The frame is pre-punched for bolt assembly or welding assembly. Made for single use or smaller filter banks. Ludwig Clips and foam gaskets are extra with the NS-50. Multiple brackets and specialty clips are also available with the NS-50 Filter Holding Frame. Available in both stock and special sizes.

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