man working a machinge in production building

woman working on filter frames

woman working fiberglass

woman smiling at her work station

woman putting together an air filter frame

woman gluing a filter frame

woman cutting fiberglass for assembly

team photo

woman assembling a frame

portrait woman putting together frames

portrait view of man working in filter production area

portrait view man working in production area

portrait view man cutting metal frame for filters

portrait man stacking metal filter sheets

man working on machine in production area

portrait cutting fiberglass for assembly

man working on filter in production area

man working in production area

man working in manufacturing area

man working in filter production area

man working at his work station

man working at his station

man working at hgus station in production area

man working a press in the manufacturing building

man working a fork lift

man working a filter press

man woriking at a machine press

man stacking metal frames

man smiling while working in production area

man smiling while stacking metal filter frames

man smiling while fulfilling a filter order

man preping fiber glass for assembly

man packing a box full of grease filters

man moving a cart

man moving metal filter frames

man assembling a metal filter frame

man assembling air filters

man assebling an air filter in the production building

side press machine

side view press machine

sideview of manufacturing press

production area

portrait view of press machine

metal press

metal rack with filter machine

metal pressing machine with metal filter sheets

metal press machine

manufacturing press for filters

man working a machine press

man assembling a filter

filtering machine and tools

forklift in filter production building

Filter metal coils

filter manufacturing building

corrogated metal coming out of machine press

cardboard cutting machinge

boxes of air filters ready for shipment

overview of filter production

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